Call me Boz. That’s what my oldest friends call me.

I have been around for 63 years. The last 40 years I have lived in the beautiful Forest of Dean, but I started out in the greatest city on earth: LONDON.

Why did  I start a blog?

Good question. It has got to be something to do with ego. I want this blog to be autobiographical. I want to express myself.

I also want to use it as a diary/notebook. My memory is fading. I can jot down things here and wake up and find them still here in the morning. That something it’s getting harder and harder to do with the old grey matter.

I love Facebook. I love the way I can see what old and new friends and family are getting up to and keep in touch far better than any other channel. Who rings somebody 10 times a day?

The problem with Facebook (for me) is that I want to express my political beliefs to this large audience I’ve got, but this loses me friends. People switch off in their millions. I don’t want to lose those connections and what is the point of sermonizing to a small rump of people with exactly the same ideas as yourself.

This blog will give me the opportunity to shout (sometimes) so that people know what my beliefs are without blasting their ear drums over their corn flakes.

I hope my children and grandchildren will look at this blog and find out what happened to me 50 years ago. Perhaps I could also put some family tree information up here?


Please check out my other web-site which is about the magical Forest of Dean.


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