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1950:     Charing Cross Hospital

1950-2050:     Forest of Dean

1950-2050:     Malvern Hills

1950-1954:     Prince Monolulu

1952:     The Continental Cinema, Tottenham Court Road

1954:     St. Monica’s School, Hoxton Square

1954-1961:     Whitmore Primary School

1954-1962:     Pitfield Street Public Library and Baths, Hoxton

1954-1962:     London Fields

1959-1962:     I-Spy Books

1960:     Marchant’s Hill Camp

1960:     Emil and the Detectives

1961:     Dawes Windrush

1961-1966:     Central Foundation Boys’ Grammar School

1962:     Choir boy at St John the Baptist, Hoxton

1962-1964:     Boxing at Cowper Street

1963:  November 21st 1963, my sister and I were confirmed at St Mary Magdalene’s Paddington by the Bishop of Kensington.

1963-1964:     Beauchamp Lodge

1965-1968:     Burns Tri-sonic Bass Guitar

1965-1967:     Hammersmith Palais

1966:     London Zoo

1966-1967:     Midland Bank, 219 Edgware Road

1966:     The King’s Arms, Edgware Road

1967:     Mildmay Club, Newington Green

1967-1968:     The British Egg Marketing Board

1971-1972:     Tanners Hatch

1971-1972:     49 Moreton Place

1971:     First Reading Festival

1971:     Mont Saint Michel

1972:     El Pueblo, Plage de Pampelonne, St. Tropez

1972:     El Pueblo: Some more pictures

1972:     Iaorana, Plage de Pampelonne, St. Tropez

1972:     Torino

1972-1974:     KDF6

1973:     Paris!

1974:     Repton Amateur Boxing Club

1974:     St Mary’s of Eton, Hackney Wick

1975-2014:     Forest of Dean

1979:     ASTMS: Day of Action

1981-1982:     Banque Nationale de Paris, rue Bergère, Paris

1981-1982:     Ville d’Avray

1981-1982:    Le Jardin de Trévise

1981:     L’Abaoud

1985:     Antony Sher as Richard III

1997-2006:     Goodmans Fields

1999:     London Marathon


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