Le Jardin de Trévise 1981-1982


Le Jardin de Trévise: I have spent many happy hours here. Great food and great company. Lots of lunchtimes with Jean-Paul, Patrice, Irene, Yves, Jean-Louis, Jean Rousel, Zozo, . . .

Here I was introduced to new tastes, wines, apéritifs and digestifs. Here was our friend the waiter, Patrick.

This is where we watched the 1982 World Cup and saw Robson score after 27 seconds against France. This upset the chef so much he couldn’t keep his syrup on straight and poured beer into Mike’s lap.

This is where I had my leaving do after two years at the Banque Nationale de Paris.

I’ve been back since with the children and stayed in the Hôtel Prima across the road.

Happy days!