Let’s put thic awld yer to bed by Boz

Let’s put thic awld yer to bed,
‘im a’n’t bin best nor wust.
If bist aimin’ to get martal,
Ol’ Butt, thou wunt be fust!

Edward Hunt (2011)

Written at midnight on December 31st 2011
By Edward Hunt (a.k.a. Boz ; a.k.a. Eddie Bosticco)

Fragments by Boz


Somewhere in the Welsh Hills by Boz

Somewhere, in the celtic hills of Wales a wolf howls in  the
soul  of a miner, down in his heart a fire burns and in his  ears
the  crash  of iron and the yells of fighting echo. Down in the
depths of the forest his legs walk, in the skies his God flys and
in the sea his enemies wait.

Down  in  the valley as the dawn breaks, you  can  hear  the
march of boots as the men wake.

Fragments by Boz