Tracy Emin

One drunken night in Spitalfields I walked past Tracy Emin on my way to Liverpool Street Station.

I turned and called out “TRACEEE!”.

She looked round and I felt guilty.

“I love all your stuff! I always ‘ave… and you.” I shouted.

She smiled that big beautiful wonky smile of hers and said “Thank you”.

That was the night I learned to love Tracy and all her works.




I-Spy – The Sights of London

I-Spy: The Sights of London

I-Spy: The Sights of London

Does anyone remember these?

I used to buy these from the W.H. Smith’s stand in Liverpool Street Station.

Then I used to walk and cycle around London answering the questions.

The books were edited by a journalist who called himself “Big Chief I-Spy”.

John and I went to visit “Big Chief I-Spy” who at the time lived at Wigwam-by-the-Water, 4 Upper Thames Street.

Note the price 6d (a tanner) which is the equivalent to 2½p, today.

The News Chronicle folded in October 1960 and I-Spy was taken up by the Daily Mail.


Boz 1959-1962