Pitfield Street Public Library and Baths, Hoxton


This is clip taken in 1992 shows the Pitfield Street Library and the remains of the Pitfield Street Baths, Hoxton.

We used to use this library and swim in the pool in the 50s and 60s.

The tiled walls where the old baths had been was a bonus but also a poignant moment for me.

Our Dad used to take us to the Pitfield Baths to swim in the 50s. It was in the days of woollen knitted swimming trunks.

We used to walk from Whitmore School once a week to the Library.

Later on we would stop off at the Pitfield Street Library on the way home from Central Foundation School to do our homework and lines.

This clip is taken from a longer film made while taking a stroll from Liverpool Street Station to the Arsenal ground at Highbury with my daughter.

I hope to release some more clips and add a spoken sound track.