Reflections: Tory Benefit Changes


The latest Tory Christmas present: Osborne has announced a two-year freeze on working age benefits.


For those of you out there who rely on some sort of benefit or another to get by, here is a list of what has been capped:


  1. Jobseeker’s Allowance;
  2. Tax Credits;
  3. Universal Credit;
  4. Child Benefit;
  5. Income Support;
  6. The work-related activity component of Employment and Support Allowance;
  7. The local housing allowance rates in Housing Benefit.


I hope you are not too badly affected by these changes. It may not be for too long: next year we get the opportunity to remove these heartless, self-serving bullies.


Cold comfort, but not included (yet) are:


  1. Maternity Pay;
  2. Paternity Pay;
  3. Sickness Pay;
  4. Adoption Pay;
  5. Disability Benefits;
  6. Pensioners Benefits.



29th September 2014



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