Reflections: Tory Defections

On reading, with thinly veiled pleasure, the news that Tory MP Mark Reckless has left the Tories for UKIP, I wondered when Nick Robinson (the oh (not) so objective BBC political editor) would be jumping ship and leaving Iggle-piggle and his toffee-nosed bunch of school bullies.

Another Tory first:

Brooks Newmark (who tweeted a selfie of his todger to a journalist!) was Minister for Civil Society (2014–2014) in the Tory Government! What a name for a Ministry. George Orwell would have been impressed with that.

I hope this doesn’t become a habit amongst Tory Ministers: we know they are all pricks, but we don’t want to see them.

Perhaps they can both find a place in the farago party?

PS: Mark Reckless is not the person who sang a song about Norman being a Moron.




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