My Italian word of the day: occhio

La Parola del Giorno

La Parola del Giorno

I have set myself the challenge of translating ‘Storia di una Capinera’ by Giovanni Verga into English at the rate of a word a day.



The next new word in the text is ‘occhio’.


My dictionary gives this as:


occhio (sm) = eye




Here is an example:


Le persone con l’occhio azzurro sono molto invidiate = People with blue eyes are much envied




The story so far


Original text:


Storia di una capinera


Avevo visto una povera capinera chiusa in gabbia: era timide, triste, malaticcia ci guardava con occhio


My translation:


Story of a blackcap


I had seen a poor blackcap locked in a cage: it was timid, sad, sickly it watched us with eye (this will become clearer as we translate the following words).






The vocabulary has been moved to its own page.

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