My Italian word of the day: non

I have set myself the challenge of translating the romanzo, ‘La forma dell’acqua‘ di Andrea Camilleri into English at the rate of a word a day.


La Parola del Giorno

La Parola del Giorno


The fourth word in the book is ‘non‘. My dictionary gives this as:

non (avv) = not

and gives as example:

non sono inglesi = they are not English



So far we have:

     Lume d’alba non

     Dawn’s light not



alba (sf) = dawn, sunrise, daybreak
di , d’ (prep) = of, from
lume (sm) = light, lamp
non (avv) = not

Not is translated by non (pronounced as in English), which is placed befor the verb:

I have not                  io non ho
Frank has not          Franco non ha



avv       =          avverbo                           =          adverb
prep     =          preposizione                  =          preposition
sf           =          sostinavo feminile       =          feminine noun
sm        =          sostinavo maschile      =          masculine noun




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