My Italian word of the day: lume

I have set myself the challenge of translating the romanzo, ‘La forma dell’acqua‘ di Andrea Camilleri into English at the rate of a word a day.

La Parola del Giorno

La Parola del Giorno

When I have built the first sentence, I will start a page with the results.

This is an exercise in translation, but also in writing: I want the result to be an elegant piece of prose.

One of the decisions I will have to make along the way is how to translate the tone of the voice into English

You may know the stories of the Sicilian detective Montalbano from the television or you may have read him in italian or english.

The first word in the book is ‘lume‘. My dictionary gives this as:

lume (sostinavo maschile  = masculine noun) = light, lamp

and gives as example:

lume a olio = oil lamp



Is it unusual that this word is not proceeded by an article in the text?



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