Marchant’s Hill Camp

In May 1960 I went on a school trip to Marchant’s Hill Camp in Surrey with my school year.

While I was away, I had my tenth birthday. The teachers and pupils gave me a book, which I still have.

At the time I was a Whitmore School and my teacher was Mr. Palmer.

Mrs. Kaye came on the school trip with us.


It was great fun most of the time, but I remember getting very homesick.

As it was during term time, we continued to have our lessons as well as day trips and walks.

In particular I remember visiting Hazelmere Natural History Museum.

The low point of the trip was on the first night when one of my friends wet the bed. He was dragged out of bed and slippered savagely by a teacher from one of the other schools. Teachers, in those days very often used corporal punishment (I have been caned on hand and bum, slapped and slippered), but that attack was more vicious than any I’d seen or suffered and rather set the atmosphere of the following fortnight.

I only found out today, while googling the camp, that it had been an evacuation school during the war (WWII).


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