English Electric LEO KDF6

I worked on this machine at the National and Grindlay’s Bank computer centre in Wilson Street.

I worked at National and Grindlay’s on and off between 1972 and 1974.

I also worked at the Equitable Life computer centre on the same model machine (running N & G work on nightshift).

It was not the first computer I worked on (I had previously worked on IBM 360 machines), but it was the oldest.

This is an English Electric LEO KDF6

LEO stood for Lyons Electronic Office.

KDF6 Sept 1963 (16-bit word length), for commercial data processing – 30 were sold.

The KDF6 had a transister-driven ferrite core store holding a total of 24,576 characters.

Data and instructions were stored in individually addressable groups of 3-bit characters which were referred to as ‘triads’.


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